A recent survey on tablet shoppers has confirmed that most would want to go for the new iPad Mini. This is a smaller version of the popular Apple iPad tablet computer. This tablet helps you to access the internet with ease and can be used to run many interesting applications downloaded from the Apple Store.

Most people prefer having this device because it helps to carryout light computing functions. The standard iPad comes in dimension that is between a mini laptop and smartphone.

The iPad Mini promises lighter, thinner and more portable features. Many will still love to go for something much handier like this new tablet. Hints on this latest survey are highlighted below:

Topping tech headlines over the weekend, it appears that tablet shoppers are in the market for a smaller iPad. In the survey of 2,603 U.S. online shopping consumers, PriceGrabber found that 52 percent of respondents would consider buying a so-called “iPad mini.”

Microsoft, meanwhile, is pulling DVD playback from Windows Media Player in Windows 8, but there are “freeware” options for those who want to watch DVDs on their laptops without paying for Windows Media Center.

In other news, the FBI is trying to pass legislation that would force social networks, email providers, and other peer-to-peer services to become “wiretap-friendly,” according to PCMag’s Security Watch. Such legislation would expand an existing federal law that applies to cell phone operators and broadband networks. Click here for the full extract.

Finally, those who prefer something slightly different from the regular mini laptop may have to consider this iPad Mini option. This will afford you the opportunity of having to carryout your basic web surfing and entertainment needs with a more portable diet. As Apple is intending to release this product, many are waiting to grasp the huge benefits of these types of mini computers. The iPad Mini has been dominating the headlines for sometimes now and this could hold lots of benefits for Apple and for consumers.